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ESOL and Citizenship

English for speakers of other languages (ESOL)  

Improving your English can help you get more out of your life in the UK. It will also help if you want to study, improve your CV, or apply to become a British citizen.If English is not your main language, you can do a course to help you improve your English. These courses are called ESOL or English for Speakers of other Languages This programme is accredited by ABLS. ESOL Courses can help students in all sorts of ways, for example, our courses aim to: 

Help you to cope better with everyday life in the UK
Develop your English skills to improve your employment prospects
Provide you with an English qualification
Enable you to progress to an academic or vocational course.
  We also offer ESOL courses at five different levels from Pre-entry to Level 2.  A specialist ESOL tutor will assess your language level and learning needs and help you decide which level best course for you. The chart below compares ESOL Levels with Cambridge English and IELTS.  
  ESOL Courses levels  
Level Cambridge
ESOL Skills for Life
Proficiency C2 Mastery
ALTE Level 5
Advanced C1 Effective
Operational Proficiency
ALTE Level 4
ESOL SFL Level 2
Upper Intermediate B2 Vantage
ALTE Level 3
BEC Vantage
ESOL SFL Level 1


ESOL SFL Level 1
Intermediate B1 Threshold
ALTE Level 2
BEC Preliminary
ESOL SFL Entry 3


ESOL SFL Entry 3
A2 Waystage
ALTE Level 1
YLE Flyers
ESOL SFL Entry 2
Beginner A1 Breakthrough
ALTE Breakthrough
YLE Movers ESOL SFL Entry 1
Starter     ESOL Pre-entry
  Our ESOL courses are part-time and are designed mainly for people who want to live in the UK.  
  Stand alone ESOL Courses  
  Stand alone ESOL courses are those who want to improve their English language and are from 4-9 hours per week  
  Entry requirements, course start dates and fees  
  There are no entry requirements for these courses. We run courses throughout the year. To accommodate everyone, courses are run on weekdays, weekends and evenings. Sometimes we have free courses for UK residents and UK/EU nationals. Where courses are paid, we have the following rates:  
Fee Hours per week No of weeks
  Please enquire for start date and timetable  
  Please note these courses have no refund unless the course is cancelled.  
  ESOL with Citizenship content  
  ESOL with Citizenship courses are designed for people who want to improve their English and at the same time gain knowledge in Life in the UK. If you want to take the life in the UK test, this is the right course for you. These courses are short compared with Stand alone ESOL.

These courses have no entry requirements and the fee including registration and certification is £170 per course. Our ESOL with Citizenship Courses are accredited by ABLS 

Please enquire for start date and timetable
  Please note these courses have no refund unless the course is cancelled.  
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